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Skills Competition Rules

1) Teams consist of 5 players and can be any combination of male and female players. Coaches are also eligible to compete in all skills events as an individual or on a team as well.

2) Players may only be on 1 Skills Competition team and may only participate in 1 in the Skills Competition. However all partcipants may compete in any other events as an indivual. Players must register separately to compete in those additional events.

3) To be added to a team for the competition the player MUST be registered for the SuperDraft. They do not have to be in the event, however they must have registered for the event so their point value can be calculated.

4) Team points will be calulated based on their team members finish in each individual event. Each team member will only participate in their assigned event, ie: if you are the assigned Home Run Derby hitter you will ONLY compete in the Home Run Derby and not the other 4 events. Males and females will compete against each other to determine their finish in the event and earn points for their team, however, male and female scores will be judged separately to determine individual event winners for the 1st-3rd place prizes for each event.

Example: Player A is a female and hits 3 home runs. Her score may place her 8th overall to earn points for her team, but she may finish first amongst female Home Run Derby hitters therefore winning the first place prize for the event as an individual.

5) Teams are built based on a point system. Teams are allowed 10 total points and points are determined based on the players classification. Points are assigned as follows:

B Class or Higher: 4 Points
C Class: 3 Points
D Class: 2 Points
E Class: 1 Point

ALL PLAYERS ON TEAMS will have their classification confirmed when it gets closer to the event to keep teams as fair as possible. Each team will designate a player coach and they will be contacted in the event there are any issues or a player needs to be changed. So it is that persons responsibility to make sure their points add up correctly and their player did not enter an incorrect classification.

6) ALL PLAYERS MUST have a photo id. This is to ensure that the person who is supposed to be competing is in fact the person who is competing.

7) All events will be the same for males and females with the following exception:

In the Home Run Derby, females will be hitting a mens ball from 2nd base.

8) Team entry fee is $100 ($20/per event). This must be paid before your team is added to the skills competition.

Prizes are based on 10 Skills Competition teams registering and are as follows:
1st Place: $500
2nd Place: $250
3rd Place: $125

9) The Skills Competition will be open from 6pm-8:30pm and you may compete in your event anytime between those hours. Your team will be given a score sheet that will need to be taken to each event and signed off after your player competes by the person running that event. You will hand that person your score sheet, compete in your event and they will enter your score/time and sign. Any event that is not completed will automatically place the team in last place forthat event and earn the minimum number of points available for that event.

10) Points for each event will be based on the number of teams registered for the Skills Competition.

Example: If there are 12 registered teams for the Skills Competition then the 1st place finisher in each event will earn 12 points, 2nd place will receive 11 points and so forth.

11) In the event of a tie between any of the top 3 teams the winner will be decided based on their base runners time on their 1st attempt around the bases.

12) Scores for players competing in the Home Run Derby will ONLY be determined by the hitters first round score. Any home runs hit in a final round or tie breaker will not count towards the players final total.

13) In the Base Running Competition competitors will have 2 attempts. Should a player not perform a 2nd attempt they will be given a time of 25 seconds for their 2nd run.

14) Results for all events will not be posted until Saturday by 12pm. Results will be posted on the Florida SuperDraft website and any player/team who won a team or individual prize can find the tournament director to claim their prize(s).

Individual Event Rules/Details

Home Run Derby - Powered By Demarini

1) 90 seconds to hit as many home runs as you can

2) 1 60 second timeout, can be called at any time

3) In event of a tie, 1 swing hit off

4) Top 5 will go to finals, where they will have 60 seconds with 1 30 second timeout


6) Only the number of home runs in the first round will count towards the team points. So if you hit 4 home runs in round 1 and make it to the finals and hit 9, you will only be credited with 4 to earn team points

Prizes per Gender:
1st Place: Demarini Bat
2nd Place: Bag
3rd Place: Demarini Swag

Base Hitting Competition - Powered By Pure Sports

1) You will have 13 pitches to hit 10 zones

2) Each zones points is worth the the zone number, so if you hit zone 6 you get 6 points

3) You may only hit each zone once. If you hit the same zone again it is counted as a miss (0)


5) In the event of a tie, 3 pitch/2 swing hit off, highest total wins

Prizes per Gender:
1st Place: Pure Bat
2nd Place: Bag
3rd Place: Pure Swag

Pitching Competition - Powered By Easton

1) Target setup at home plate with 3 zones. Middle zone is worth 3 points, top and bottom zones are worth 1 point

2) 7 pitches to score as many total points as possible

3) Top 5 will go to finals, where they will have 5 pitches to score as many points as possible

4) In event of a tie, 1 pitch pitch-off, highest score wins

Prizes per Gender:
1st Place: Easton Pitching Helmet
2nd Place: Fielding Glove (Ordered after event to your specs)
3rd Place: Easton Swag

Throwing Competition - Powered By Miken Sports

1) Targets setup in the outfield, 7 throws to score as many points as possible

2) Point values will vary per target

3) Top 5 will go to finals, where they will have 3 throws to score as many points as possible

4) In event of a tie, 1 throw throw-off, highest score wins

Prizes per Gender:
1st Place: Miken Fielding Glove (Ordered after event to your specs)
2nd Place: Bag
3rd Place: Miken Swag

Base Running Competition - Powered By HB Sports

1) Runners will be timed running home to home

2) Runners will get 2 attempts

3) Attempts do not have to be consecutive, but both attempts must be taken before event ends

4) Winners will be decided based on the lowest total time of both runs

5) If a runner does not run twice they will be given a time of 25 seconds for their second run

Prizes per Gender:
1st Place: Turfs
2nd Place: Bag
3rd Place: HB Sports Swag

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