2024 FloridaSoftball.com SuperDraft

Friday Night One Pitch Tournament (6 Team Maximum) - 5PM Start

The Friday night One Pitch tournament is back again for 2024! Entries are first come, first serve and if you're interested you must pay the entry for the 1 pitch now to hold your spot. Teams will be randomly generated for the 1 pitch based on skill level and positions. Entry fee for the 1 pitch will be $20 per person paid now with your SuperDraft entry fee. Prizes will be given to 1st place. This event will begin at 5PM on Friday night, so if you signup you must agree to this start time. There will be NO REFUNDS for the 1 pitch tournament entry fee once teams have been assigned. If we do not have at least 4 teams 2 weeks before the event we will cancel the 1 pitch tournament and refund the $20 entry fee after the event. If you would like to enter the one pitch event just choose the option that you would like to play when making payment. Should you change your mind and decide you would like to play after you have already paid your entry fee please visit the Skills Competition to get registered.

Name Sex Positions Class
1. Bryce Lapierre M P , 1st, LF C
2. Corie Burnett F C , 1st, P B
3. Garrett Sedgwick M 1st , RF, 2nd D
4. Johnathan Rodriguez M 2nd , Any - IF, Any - OF E
5. Kyle Weseloh M Coach , Any - OF, P C
6. Miguel Rodriguez M 2nd , Any - OF, Any - OF E
7. Nicole Hasse F 1st , C, 2nd E
8. Rodney Burnett M Coach D
9. Rosa Michael M LF , SS, P E
10. Sharon Churchill F 2nd , 1st, Any - IF D
11. Tank Vicente M P , 1st, C E
12. Tyler Fiumara M 1st , C, EH E
Name Sex Positions Class
1. Anthony Martin M C , C, C E
2. Cheyanna Johnson F P , Any, 1st C
3. Clayton Walder M Any - OF , 2nd, C E
4. Gina Backhoff F Any - OF , Any - OF, 2nd E
5. Jackie Iaia F 1st , 2nd, C E
6. Juan Garcia M P , C, 1st E
7. Julio Garcia M 3rd , 1st, Any - IF D
8. Kathryn Harmer F 2nd , SS, Any D
9. Patrick Goedecke M P , Any - OF, 1st E
10. Sean Carson M 2nd , 3rd, EH E
11. Travis Anders M 1st , 2nd, C E
12. William Woody M SS , 2nd, SS C
Name Sex Positions Class
1. Ashley Dyer F 1st , C, EH E
2. Brett Ramsden M LC , LF, 2nd E
3. Bryan Bedell M SS , 3rd, Any C
4. Charlie Agnello M EH , C, 1st E
5. Corey Manley M P , 1st, 2nd E
6. Hayden Counihan M P , Any - IF, Any - OF E
7. Luis Molina M P , 2nd, Any - OF E
8. Melissa Walter F 2nd , 1st, C D
9. Nathan Rodriguez M Any - OF , Any - OF, Any - OF E
10. Rachel Hunter F C , 1st, 2nd E
11. Tonia Turner F Any - OF , 1st, C C
12. Tyler Neary M P , 1st, EH A
Name Sex Positions Class
1. Amber Von Der Bruegge F 1st , 2nd, Any D
2. Art Pedersen M RF , C, EH E
3. Carlos Whitt M SS , 3rd, 2nd D
4. Corey Locker M 1st , Any - OF, Any - IF E
5. Dana Fuentes F LF , 2nd, RF D
6. Jennifer Cook F LF , C, RF E
7. Jose Vega M P , LC, C E
8. Justin Ross M P , Any - IF, SS B
9. Melanie Goga F 1st , 2nd, C E
10. Michael Bocchicchio M Coach , 1st, C E
11. Sam Fenech M P , 1st, C D
12. Tony Sculerati M Any - OF , Any - IF, Any D
Name Sex Positions Class
1. Alyssa Gould F 1st , RF, 2nd E
2. Brittany Kephart F 2nd , Any - OF, 1st D
3. Devan Smith M 1st , 1st, C E
4. Erika Savitt F P , 1st, 2nd D
5. Erin Cunningham F 2nd , Any - OF, 1st E
6. Jason Bev M P , P, P E
7. Logan Bedessem M 1st , P, C E
8. Payne Brothers M Coach B
9. Robby Howard M Any - OF , Any - OF, Any - OF D
10. Sean Tomaszkiewicz M Any - OF , Any - IF, 1st E
11. Sergio Hernandez M Any - OF , P, EH E
12. Taylor Taulbee M Any - OF , 2nd, SS E
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