2024 FloridaSoftball.com SuperDraft

Tournament Rules

Pitch Arc: 4ft-10ft (From Ground) with Pump Fakes

Count: 1-1 No Foul

Home Runs: 6+1up

Must Have All Players in Lineup, Can Bat in Any Order. Coaches are the Only Ones that Do Not Have To Play. Must Have at Least 3 Females on Defense at ALL TIMES.

Freedom Runner: Guy Runs for Guy, Girl Runs for Girl. Runners can be anyone at any time and do not need to be declared before the game.

No Stealing

No Coed Line

50 Min Time Limit Pool Play/55 Minute Bracket, No Time Limit For Championship

Extra Innings: 1 Pitch

If you walk a guy batting in front of a girl, the guy gets a double and the girl has the option to walk or hit.

Balls: Must Use Freedom Stamped Balls

Run Rules: 15 After 3, 12 After 4, 10 After 5

Pitchers: If Pitcher is Wearing A Helmet They May Field Any Ball. If Pitcher Does Not Have a Helmet On They Must Stay Behind the Net and May Not Make Any Plays on the Batted Ball unless the ball is dribbled off the bat and will not reach the net on the ground or if it is a popup between home plate and the pitchers mound from foul line to foul line or in foul territory.. If a Pitcher With No Helmet Makes Contact With a Batted Ball it is a Dead Ball Single.

Nets Must Be Used, No Exception....Helmet or Not. Edge of Net MUST STAY Within Half the Width of the Rubber, No Using it to Block Holes.

Women 40+ and Men 50+ May Use Senior Bats (Must be 40/50 by Jan 7th, 2023. Just being eligible for senior ball does not count). In Order to Use a Senior Bat You Must Bring Your ID at the Designated Time and Get a Wristband. You MUST Wear the Wristband the Entire Weekend. No Wristband, No Senior Bat! You Will Only Be Issued 1 Wristband, You Take it off, you're out of luck for the rest of the weekend. NO EXCEPTIONS!

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